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Welcome to Touchable
TOUCHABLE is the oldest established UK retailer of newly manufactured fully-fashioned stockings selling to over 80 countries worldwide.

Touchable remains No.1 for genuine fully-fashioned stockings with four heel styles and the use of consistent yarn ensuring quality without equal.

You can choose from not-so plain colours, contrast colour seams, contrast colour tops and contrast colour toe and heel.

For manufacturing, size and selection information please read the article below.
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Plain colour
Plain colour
Plain colour
Plain colour
Plain colour
Plain colour
Contrast seam
Contrast seam
Contrast seam
Contrast seam
Full contrast
Full contrast
Full contrast
Full contrast
These stockings are made on genuine fully-fashioned 1950’s knitting machines renovated in 1994. Each machine is sixty feet long with a studded pattern chain altered for each heel style and size. The demise of fully-fashioned was due, in the main to their time consuming production methods, with each machine making just 30 legs per hour.

Every stocking is seamed by a machinist. To finish seaming the stocking top, called ‘welt’ is turned 360 degrees which causes the distinctive ‘finishing loop’ at the top of the seam. After this they are dyed to the correct colour.

Next comes ‘boarding’ which is the most important process. Every single leg is pulled over a flat leg-shaped piece of metal and steamed to remove creases.

They are then checked for quality and many discarded to ensure you receive only the highest standard product.

Finally they are paired for size and packed ready for you to buy. Forget modern hosiery sizes. Fully-fashioned are 100% Nylon. The only stretch is in the knit when made. This is why the stocking looks very long when taken from the packet. The length will go when pulled on the foot and up the leg. The thicker a calf or thigh the more length is lost. If you are slim legged try a smaller size. Please consider these points when ordering.

Two pairs of the same size can vary in length slightly because of limited stretch and the boarding process. Stockings can vary in length up to two inches although each individual pair will be the same length. Although time consuming stockings should be put on with cotton gloves if possible. It reduces damage. Wash them by hand in mild detergent and position without creases when drying.

Wear your stockings with a good quality belt preferably with six or more suspenders which will reduce movement of the seam.
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