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Corset Lacing

Our Corsetry is pre-laced. If you decide to re-thread or shorten the laces here's how it's done. Printable from your browser too.

Bridal Wear

If your wedding is in the planning stage you should read our feature regarding underwear for your special day. Your dress dictates the underwear style required, but you should check out what is available first.

Suspender Belts

A guide to choosing and wearing suspender/garter belts. We know what works and now you can consider these points too.

Stocking Manufacture

If you ever wondered how fully-fashioned stockings were manufactured you can now see. Machines and a model explain a little more.

Nylons, why wear them?

You've read about who created Nylon, what Nylon is, so now find out why men love the women who love to wear them. Nylons, a perspective.

Nylon, what is it?

When you've read about Wallace Carothers take a look at what he actual created. It may have a technical aspect, but you'll never sound more knowledgeable in fully-fashioned company.

Wallace Carothers

The man we thank for Nylon. He changed the world and yet is relatively unknown. Without his genius hosiery would have remained opaque. He had a short life and should be revered.

Olivia de Beradinis

One of the finest artists of our modern age, whose work transcends every era of elegance. Impossible garments and hosiery envelop beauty personified.

Bettie Page

Who is Bettie Page? If you don't know, it's worth finding out. She is really the epitome of 1950's style and engenders all a woman could ever wish for in terms of style and elegance with a cheeky smile.

Bunny Yeager

Model and photographer, Bunny showed a new energy in a world dominated by male photographers. The fact she was excellent at both shows a woman of supreme talent.

Gil Elvgren

You will have seen this mans incredible artwork, but the artist is only well-known to those who have made an effort to find out. Take a look at a genius whose work is still revered today.


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