USA and Canada

Firstly we want to thank all of you in North America who have visited our web-site. We also wish to thank the thousands of US and Canadian based customers who know buying from England is as easy as buying from your own country.

In an ever shrinking world ensure you don't miss out. Buying from outside your Country is easier than ever before. Businesses trading between continents have become as reliable as those based Nationally and buying via the internet is easier than walking to the store. Browsing the range can be done at your leisure. Ordering is as easy as completing the order form or picking up the phone.

If you have concerns about currency exchange, then allow us to explain how easy it all is. When you place an order with Touchable your chosen payment method is charged at that time. We would prefer this was delayed until shipping but rules for Cardholder Not Present (CNP) transactions demand this happen. It is transacted in the charging countries currency which is British Pounds Sterling. Your credit card supplier exchanges the value to your currency which then appears on your card statement. It couldn't be easier.

Although the laws relating to mail-order retailing are different in each country you only need to know that any company in the UK using the Internet to sell products or offer a service or paid site access MUST be registered with the UK Data Protection Registrar. They commit a criminal offence if receiving your communications without it. Also we show full contact details with terms and conditions of sale. Touchable is a small business with a big reputation.

For those of you who don't know Touchable is based in Nottinghamshire, England. Our offices are near Eastwood within walking distance of the birth place of DH Lawrence. Who? David Herbert Lawrence or DH as he's better known lived 1885-1930. He wrote 'Sons and Lovers', 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' and 'Women in Love'. If he's of little reference then we're also in the County of Robin Hood which is the very centre of England.

Touchable has to deal in the currency of the country in which it is based. This actually saves you money. If we received all the currencies our banking costs would treble which means higher prices. Paying by credit card saves you any extra charges in currency exchange. As explained in our terms and conditions card companies rarely charge extra for exchanging currency.

The currency in the UK is 'Pounds Sterling' of which the symbol is '£'. Touchable refer to Pounds Sterling as GBP (Great British Pounds). Each 'Pound' is worth 100 pence.

The exchange rate between GBP and dollars US or dollars Canadian changes by the minute. To ensure easier reference to an exchange rate your card company and bank uses on exchange rate for the whole day. Exchange rates vary only by 'points' or parts of a cent unless a major event causes a change of over one cent which is rare. Touchable has no control over your money thus no control of the exchange rate. The only way you can find this out is by contacting your card company direct. Even so they will only give an approximation. Don't worry, as we've already said the exchange rate is fairly constant.

Buying from outside your country means your purchases are an import. Nearly all products that are imported have a tax or duty tariff charged by your Customs department. There can also be Federal or State taxes applicable. Touchable complies with all laws relating to labelling of packages for import.

You are responsible for the payment of any duty or taxes relating to an imported product. Please contact your Customs Department for tariff charges. Always be prepared for import duty.

Touchable send packages using the oldest postal company in the world - the UK's Royal Mail. For larger parcels we use their subsidiary Parcel Force. Our experience shows parcels shipped from our offices reach their US or Canadian destination within an average of four days irrespective of East or West coast. That said there are occasions when a package can take longer. We do not use carriers such as DHL and UPS. Nor do we accept exchanges and returns in line with our terms if returned using DHL, UPS, FedEx.